Termite problems are regular phenomena in construction sites and homes and usually attack structures such as door frames, window frames and tiles. Green Termi Care WP-WP is a natural mineral origin anti-termite product exclusively designed for pre construction / re modeling homes application that keeps homes termite free for years. Green Termi Care WP-WP is non toxic to humans and animals and safe to environment.

Mode of Action

The natural ingredients have sharp spikes on each particle. These spikes have an abrasive action on moving insects / termites resulting in the body fluid oozing out thereby killing the insect / termites.

Method of Application

1. Spray /swab Green Termi Care WP-WP @ 30 g/ L of water uniformly on window / door frames.
2. Swab Green Termi Care WP-WP @ 200g / L of water on specific parts such as tiles that are closer to water for control.
3. An integrated approach of using Green Termi Care WP – WP for swabbing door / window frames and Green Termi Care WP – WP for the ground is recommended. Note: Operator has to wear protective gear before application such as glove, goggles, mask to cover nose and mouth and protective clothing to cover the entire body. Recommended preventive measures are outlined under:

  • Gutters to always be kept clean
  • Remove excessive wood mulch
  • Clear all stumps and wood around yard
  • Keep firewood away from the house foundation
  • Outside vents should be covered with metal meshing

Shelf Life
Green Termi Care WP-WP is stable for a period of 3 years from the date of manufacturing.