GREEN PACER – MA Metarhizium Anisoplae BioTermicide

Green Pacer is a Bio Termicide based on a virulent strain of an entomo pathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisoplae.

Green Pacer is BioTermicide recommended for management of chronic problems of Termites, White Ants and other soil borne insect pests attacking buildings, interiors, agricultural fields, orchards etc.

Green Pacer is formulated as wettable powder having a CFU count of 800 million per gram. Green Pacer mixes well in water and therefore easy to apply in field and construction sites.

Green Pacer Mode of action
Green Pacer being a microbial origin product has virulent spores adsorbed to the carrier / neutral material. The spores remain either dormant or active on the carrier particles and start multiplying when congenial environmental conditions are met with.

Green Pacer is dissolved in water and applied to the soil by drenching. The humidity in soil provides an ideal condition for germination of spores and the mycelia start growing. The soil borne insect like termites come in contact with the fungus and the mycelia of fungus starts growing on the body of termites and thus pathogenicity starts on Termites. The fungal mycelia starts feeding on the body fluid of insects and results in disease and death of the insect pest.

Green Pacer has unique Horizontal Transfer Effect (HTE) unlike any chemical termicide. Normal chemical termicides when drenched on soil, enter mostly vertically down in soil and partially horizontally.

The termites coming in direct contact with the chemical only get killed leaving the large travelling colony and queen safe in their soil haven.

Whereas, Green Pacer being a BioTermicide having Horizontal Transfer Effect starts multiplying horizontally also due to availability of moisture and target pest. Termites being social insects, have a definite pattern of movement in colonies and finally all workers reach the termitarium where the Queen resides.

Green Pacer being a microbial product starts pathogenising the workers and as the workers move in colonies and touch each other, the spores get transferred from one worker to another and thus the spores finally reach the Queen also. Thus the entire colony of termites get pathogenised and offers long term control.