Green Borerguard

Green Borerguard
Microbial Consortium
Stem borers and Shoot borers are internal borers and therefore killing them is very difficult. Conventional pesticide sprays act as contact poisons or as stomach poisons and thus physical contact or ingestion of product is essential for control of internal borers. Even if chemical pesticides penetrate and kill to some extent, the poisonous effect persist and deleterious to human health and environment.
Green Borerguard is a biological solution for management of internal borers like shoot borers and stem borers and is non toxic and not harmful to environment Green Borerguard is BioComplex of microbes. The product is in stable liquid formulation with shelf life of over 1 year.


  • Bacillus thuringiensis Var. Kurstaki
  • Beauveria bassiana
  • Metarhizium anisopliae
  • Verticillium lecanii

SILRICH A microbes like

  • Aspergillus awomori
  • Trichoderma viride
  • Cellulomonas uda
  • Cellulomonas gelida


  • Borers bore a hole and go inside
  • Excreta comes out of tunnel hole
  • Chemical Pesticides can not go inside and kill borers
  • Normal BioPesticides also can not enter inside the hole

Concept of Green Borerguard
Silrich A Consortium Microbes have affinity for soft BioMass like excreta coming out of hole bored by Shoot / Stem Borer. The Consortium Microbes of Silrich A start decomposing excreta. And act as scout. The Entomo Pathogenic Microbes of Green Borerguard “PiggyBack” Silrich A microbes. As the Scouts of Silrich A keep going inside the hole, the Entomo Pathogenic Microbes of Green Borerguard go inside and attack borers.


  • In vegetables like Brinjal (Egg Plant), Tomato, Pepper (Capsicum, Chillis) shoot borers enter inside soft shoots in the crop stage of 30-35 days after transplantation to main field. Spray Green Borerguard in this stage of 30-35 days @ 2 ml per lt of water.
  • In Coffee where Xylostell spp is very big menace, swab the stem twice a year by diluting 3 ml BoerGuard per litre of water
  • In SugarCane for Early Stem Borer spray @ 2 ml per lt of water in early stage of crop
  • In Rice for Stem Borer spray @ 2 ml per lt of water in early stage of crop