Soil health improvement
Soil health has been seriously depleted over the last 30-40 years due to abuse of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Useful microorganisms that fix atmospheric Nitrogen, microbes that solubilize Phosphorus, Potash, Zinc, Sulfur, microbes that digest cellulose and hemi cellulosic material for its conversion to Humus – the Soil Organic Matter (SOM) have become extinct in these abused soils. Unless useful soil microbe population is increased, humus will not be formed and organic Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash and trace elements will not be available to plants.

All the nutrients applied in any form – be it as farmyard manure / compost / urea / DAP etc finally will be in in-organic ionic form and that is referred to as “exchangeable form”. These ionic elements cannot enter directly in to root system and they need a buffer to enter. Humus (SOM) acts as a buffer and increases the Cation Exchange Capacity of roots.

How to improve Humus (SOM) status is Soils?
Soil Organic Matter (SOM) content improvement is normally a long term issue. It is continuous ongoing process in nature. However, same can be drastically improved or accelerated for the current crop season by incorporation of Bio Fertilizers.