Green Boom TM
Liquid Organic Manure
Approved for use in Organic Farming

GreenBiotech Green BoomTM is an unique Liquid Organic Manure based on bioactive substances of VermiCompost and Seaweed is and recommended for foliar application for all crops.

GreenBiotech Green BoomTM provides BioEnergy and BioStimulants required for crops and has biologically derived nutrients and biostimulant substances.

Active ingredients in GreenBiotech Green BoomTM:

BioActive Humic Substances of VermiCompost origin.
BioActive Fulvic Substances of VermiCompost origin.
Cytokinines from Seaweed fermentation
Auxines from Seaweed fermentation
Betains from Seaweed fermentation
Gibberlines from Seaweed fermentation
Amino Acids from Seaweed fermentation
Biologically derived N,P,K and trace elements from Vermi Compost and Seaweed.

Features of GreenBiotech GreenBoomTM:

GreenBiotech GreenBoomTM is biologically derived material.
GreenBiotech GreenBoomTM is NOT from mineral origin source.
GreenBiotech GreenBoomTM is NOT Potassium Humate or any other chemical humate.
GreenBiotech GreenBoomTM is extracted from VermiCompost and Seaweed in unique cold process and as such Bio Active substances are not denatured.
GreenBiotech GreenBoomTM is non toxic to soil, environment and animals.
GreenBiotech GreenBoomTM is ideally suited for Bio Farming / Organic Farming.

Benefits of GreenBiotech GreenBoomTM:

Provides Bioenergy at critical stages of crops
Supplies biologically derived major an micro nutrients.
Provides biostimulants for better growth of roots and shoots
Imparts drought and frost resistance
Imparts better organoleptic properties like aroma, flavour, lustre, taste, look etc.
Prevents flower / fruit drop.
Helps in better nutrient uptake, better root growth better quality and higher yield.
Can be mixed with pesticides, fungicides except copper based products.