Green Baci – SP Biopesticide Bacillus thuringiensis – Kurstakii

Green Baci SP is formulated at 16,000 IU/mg and 32,000 IU/mg. The formulations are Sprayable Powders.
1.Microbiological insecticide produced by fermentation
2.Lower cost and convenient usage
3.No residue on crops or in fields and environment
4.Safety to human being & non-target animals except silk worm
5.Extended bioefficacy effect to pests by stomach and physical mechanism
6.Broad-spectrum effective to more than 150 pest species

Targets Pests
Most common target pests such as Helicoverpa armigera, Plutella xylostella, Stem borers, Fruit borers, Berry borers, shoot borers, leaf eating caterpillars of Rice, Coffee, Pepper, Cardamom, Tea, Vanilla, Cotton, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Vegetables etc.

Foliar spray @ 250 – 400 Grams per Acre in sufficient water.


Poisonous to silkworm. Avoid using near Sericulture area
Don’t mix with strong alkaline chemicals or bactericides
Don’t use them in extreme high temperature weather