Green Dieback Care TM

Green Dieback CareTM is a biological fungicide that helps control Dieback disease in orchards. It is based on selected strains of naturally-occurring antagonistic microbes Green Dieback CareTM contains spores, mycelia fragments and vegetative cells of the microbial consortia. Dieback / Wilt disease can be caused owing to a host of factors such as Phytopathogenic fungi / Phytopathogenic bacteria/ Phytopathogenic Virus / Phytopathogenic Nematodes, Root grubs, Micronutrient imbalance, Soil compactness, Water logging, Inadequate root respiration.

Mode of Action

Substrate Competition for space and Nutrients : Green Dieback CareTM colonizes maximum space of the root systems and absorbs maximum nutrients available at the target site and thereby controls the pathogens by starving them for food and competing for space.

Mycoparasitism : Green Dieback CareTM is a biological fungicide that attacks disease-causing pathogens before they reach the root system. It derives nutrition from the target pathogen and Green Dieback CareTM microbes multiply inside it and eventually kill the pathogen.

Enzyme production : Green Dieback CareTM secretes certain antagonistic secondary metabolites which have an anti fungal/anti bacterial effect that pathogenise and kill the disease causing organisms.

PGPR Effect : Beneficial microbes present in Green Dieback CareTM also exhibit Plant growth promoting rhizosphere stimulation effect.

Method of Application

Soil Application : Mix 30 Kg of Green Dieback CareTM with 500 Kg of Vermicompost and apply at active root zone of tree @ 1Kg /tree twice a year . It is important to apply this mixture in the active root zone by opening the soil and then closing it. For best results mix 1 Kg of Agri Life Oxyrich TM with Green Dieback CareTM and Vermicompost mixture.
Note: Apply twice a year for best results.

Target Diseases
Green Dieback CareTM controls Dieback disease of Orchards.

Green Dieback CareTM is suitable for application on Orchards.

Shelf Life
Green Dieback CareTM is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.