A Report on Evaluation of Different Neem Formulations for Dosage
Rationalization in South India
(for 300 & 1500 ppm formulations)

ProjectEvaluation of different Neem formulations for dosage rationalization in cotton in south India.
ObjectiveTo critically evaluate the efficacy of different commercial formulations for its efficacy on cotton pest complex and to fix optimum dose levels of different Aza containing formulations for dose rationalization for the user's benefit and help improve IPM program in cotton.
Date of sowing 25.08.99
Plot size7 x 5 sq.m
Products Tested300 ppm and 1500 ppm Azadirachtin formulation's (Table-1)
Number of sprays6 sprays
- 15.10.99
- 25.10.99
- 04.11.99
- 14.11.99
- 24.11.99
- 04.12.99
ResultsThe results of the experiment proved that 300 ppm formulation offered good crop protection and resulted in high yield at a dose of 2.5 Lt/Ha uniformly across formulations delivered good efficacy and yield at 2.5 Lt/Ha dose levels .The experiments clearly showed significant dose dependent yield improvement at 0.625 ,1.25 and 2.5 Lt/Ha implying that the moderate dose level of 2.5 Lt/Ha provided commercially acceptable crop protection and yield improvement.
ConclusionsThe trials support the following.
- 300 ppm formulations performed better at a dose of 2.5 Lt/Ha
- 1500 ppm formulation performed better at a dose of 2.51 Lt/Ha
RecommendationsIt is recommended that both 300 and 1500 ppm Azadirachtin .formulation doses to be fixed at 2.5 Lt/Ha as it proved to be the best dose levels across various formulation tested.